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    Meanwhile, In Australia, There Are Snakes Living In People's Walls

    And that's not even the worst part.

    So we all know Australia is just one giant snake pit, but did you know we're not even safe inside the sanctity of our own homes?

    Richie Gilbert / Caters News Agency

    This carpet python was found lurking INSIDE A WALL of a home in Maroochy River, Queensland.

    The home's owners only realised there was a problem when smoke started coming out of the electrical socket.

    The owners called Richie Gilbert from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, who battled for around an hour to remove the scared reptile.

    Richie Gilbert / Caters News Agency

    "Understandably it was really scared and had curled up quite tight," Gilbert told Caters. "I had to make two holes in the wall as the python wouldn't move just out of one. I had to use a bandage to help lure him out."

    Richie Gilbert / Caters News Agency

    Eventually Gilbert was able to extract the scared and slightly injured snake. Then things got even more fucked.


    No big deal, though – carpet pythons aren't poisonous and Gilbert seems pretty chill about the whole thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Once the snake was extracted, Gilbert took it off to nearby Australia Zoo, where it was treated for electrical burns.

    "Originally I thought the snake was going to need to be euthanised," he said. "The burn was big and deep and it seemed to have muscle damage also. It has been getting treatment and is currently doing very well."

    And if the thought of snakes living in your home freaks out, don't be too worried. Gilbert says only around one-third of Queensland homes have snakes living in them. Sleep tight!

    Richie Gilbert / Caters News Agency

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