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Let's Settle This: What Do You Call This Delicious Meat Wrap?

These shenanigans have gone on for too long.

Yesterday's news that SBS is producing a show dedicated entirely to the most delicious meat blanket, the kebab, was greeted with joy across the land.

But the joy soon turned to rage as many across this wide brown land asked, 'What the fuck is a kebab?'

It turns out that thanks to regional variances in language, the tasty beef sack has many different names, and people are very passionate about this.

i trust that the yiros show will be called the yiros show in all the non silly states

This gentleman from Adelaide suggested that a kebab must be presented on a stick, not wrapped in days-old flat bread.

He was angry.

RT if you call them Yiros Go To Hell if you call them Kebabs

A Sydney-based beef wrap enthusiast was having none of it.

@CaseyBriggs "oh that's not a gozleme it's a pizza pocket" good 1

Meanwhile, some kebab enthusiasts were calling it a souvlaki.

@MarkDiStef @Rob_Stott your both wrong it's a souvlaki hand in your drunk eating guns & badges

Or even the shawarma.

@Rob_Stott what about shawarmas and souvlaki?

It has to be said, all of these things are actually different meat-based snacks, with different origins. But in Australia, they've all become different words for largely the same thing.

  1. So let's settle it once and for all: What do you call this delightful meat wrap?

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So let's settle it once and for all: What do you call this delightful meat wrap?
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    It's a kebab, you monster.
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    It's a yiros, or yeeros, you northern dickhead.
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    It's a souvlaki. Get in the bin.
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    It's a shawarma, you complete tool.
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    None of these. It's something else. I'll tell you in the comments.