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People Are Ripping This Taxi Company A New One After It Asked For Positive Taxi Stories

"It smelled like a wookie's armpit."

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YourTaxis, an initiative of the Victorian Taxi Association, is a new group telling 'positive taxi stories' as ride sharing services like Uber encroach on their turf.

YourTaxis, the platform for everything taxi has launched. #firstcabofftherank for your chance to win!!! #YourTaxis

Yesterday they asked people to tell their taxi stories. It did not go well.

Tell your taxi story! #YourTaxis #PeopleOfMelbourne #TaxiYourWay #Melbourne

Because it turns out a lot of people have some pretty bad taxi stories to tell.

.@yourtaxis Left standing on footpath by 2 booked taxis in a row, trying to take my sick cat to vet; because it was a short fare. #YourTaxis

Like this guy who said his cabbie smelled like a wookie's armpit. At least YourTaxis thanked him for the feedback. That was nice.

@LeighStillard Thanks for your feedback. ✌🏼️


These guys just got an Uber.

@yourtaxis Refused fare by 5 taxis heading out Spencer St. Got an uber in 3 minutes.

@yourtaxis on a busy street in Melbourne, hailed 10 empty cabs -- nobody wanted to stop. used the Uber app and I was on my way in 2 minutes.

One cabbie couldn't find a pretty important landmark.

@yourtaxis Driver said he didn't know where Flinders Street Station was and had me direct him there. Flinders. Street. Station.

Or the airport.

@yourtaxis Taxi in Port Melbourne didn’t know where the airport was. I had to direct him. The airport!!!!


And others were worried about the little things.

@yourtaxis complained that uber was killing the industry, then got lost looking for bridge rd (..?), didn't have change for a 20. #yourtaxis

Short fares were a real issue.

@yourtaxis lectured on a short trip about how I shouldn't have got in his taxi as he was waiting for an airport fare #Melbourne #YourTaxis

@yourtaxis In taxi from Tulla airport to Glenroy, driver abused me and my partner the whole way for giving him such a short fare #YourTaxis

@yourtaxis was in sth bank after a night out, taxis refused a 3km fare. Watched taxis refuse several other fares while prowling. Walked home


But at least they're working on it.

@sheri_hussain @hubert3 experiences of short fare refusal is a major focus of training for new drivers and retraining for existing drivers

Some people complained about a lack of basic facilities.

@yourtaxis That time I got home & the driver told me eftpos was unavailable. Drove me back to an ATM, which he charged me for. #TaxiNoWay

@yourtaxis how about every second driver and their magic EFTPOS machines? no cash? no nearby ATM? it magically started working again!

And bad attitudes.

.@yourtaxis booked in advance, showed up 10 min early, got angry at me for not being ready to go yet, shit attitude the whole drive


@yourtaxis Driver was swearing under his breath the entire ride due to short fare, when I handed him a $20 expecting change - nothing back.

@yourtaxis My friend got charged $75 to get from the city to Malvern after the driver deliberately went the a longer route. New Uber user.

@yourtaxis Driver watching movies on in-dash screen entire trip. Questioned him, got torrent of abuse. Complained to Victaxis, no result


There were also some real safety concerns.

@yourtaxis had a taxi driver lock the door and try to put his hand up my skirt outside my house.stopped when I started screaming #YourTaxis

@yourtaxis id card didn't match the driver. when i pointed it out, he said nothing and just put it in the glove box

.@yourtaxis I've had friends who have been close to being sexually assaulted by cabbies. When they called the cab ph line, they were asked..

.@yourtaxis submit their complaint.. via fax.#YourTaxis


@yourtaxis having drivers pick me up that aren't the person photographed in their ID card on the dashboard. #YourTaxis

@yourtaxis Taxi not showing up, sexual harassment, not knowing how to get from the CBD to St Kilda, Dangerous driving. #YourTaxis

the driver covered the camera and tried to feel up my dress and kiss me #YourTaxis #PeopleOfMelbourne #TaxiYourWay

You can follow the whole shitshow here.

Driver pulled over to ask a guy on the street if he had any weed. #yourtaxis

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