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Hugh Jackman Continues To Prove That He's Just Perfect

Don't ever change, Hugh.

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Not content with being a super-ripped, all singing, all dancing, Academy Award nominated and Tony Award winning superstar, Hugh Jackman has somehow also found time time to save the world.

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All this time, The Boy From Oz has been quietly building up a coffee empire. And now he's using it for good.

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In the past few years Jackman has opened two Laughing Man cafes in New York City.

And last week he starting selling his unique blend of coffee beans in pods so that people can enjoy Laughing Man coffee at home. It's a multi-million dollar coffee empire.

But Hugh's not in it for the money. He's donating all of the profits to the Laughing Man Foundation.

Working with World Vision Australia, the foundation will take the money from Jackman's fair trade coffee and pour it back into the community where the coffee was grown.

The money will be used to fund entrepreneurship and education programs in Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest nations.

Jackman's journey has been chronicled in a documentary, Dukale's Dream, which is named after a farmer he met while working with local communities.

Dukale's Dream / Via

"I just felt a connection with him," Jackman said of Dukale in an interview with Time Magazine. "We didn't speak the same language. I worked with him. He would laugh at me because he could tell I was struggling a little bit at times. I'm an actor, after all—I'm not used to real hard work."

Jackman also says he looked to Paul Newman, a man who used his wealth and fame as a force for good, as an inspiration.

The documentary is screening in limited locations now, you can learn more about the film here.

Hugh Jackman, don't ever change.

Dukale's dream / Via Facebook: dukalesdream