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    Waleed Aly Grilled Shane Warne And Warnie Didn't Take It Well

    He'd know.

    Fresh off his elimination from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, cricket legend Shane Warne copped a fairly innocuous grilling on The Project last night.

    After chatting about spiders and DJ Havana Brown eating weird shit, talk turned to Warnie's kids charity, which has been in the spotlight recently over some allegedly dodgy practices.

    Host Waleed Aly asked Warnie, who has spent the last six weeks in the jungle, what he will be doing about his charity when he lands back in Australia.

    Warnie said he had just done "13 hours straight" of PR, and promoted the good work his charity has done with sick kids, before telling his critics to "get stuffed".

    “You can get stuffed if you want to... have a go at us but we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve,” he said.

    “If people want to have a crack at us for raising money and making a difference, go ahead. We have nothing to hide. We welcome any audit.”

    Waleed said the auditors would have the final say on whether everything at Warnie's charity is above board, which really pissed Warnie off.

    “You doubting me mate?” he said. “You don’t think... we have something to hide?”

    “I’m not saying anything," Aly replied. "I have no comment on it."

    Shortly afterwards, Warnie fired off this tweet.


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