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    It's One Year Since Tony Abbott Ate A Raw Onion Like A Damn Apple

    It's on-ion.

    It was March 13, 2015 when Tony Abbott, under fire after recently surviving a leadership challenge from no one, did something so weird - so truly, unbelievably odd - that the nation stood in awe of this very loose unit.

    He just chomped into that bad boy like it was an apple. He didn't even take the skin off. And then it turned out this was the beginning of a trend.

    A week later, he did it again.

    Onions Australia

    If Tony ate any more raw onions over the next few months, he did it behind closed doors. (Where, quite frankly, that sort of behaviour belongs) But then in August, he did it again! The bloke just could not be stopped.

    A month later, and the poor PM found himself out of a job. And what better way for us humble Aussies to pay tribute to our dear departed leader than to put our onions out for him.

    Goodbye, Tone. #putoutyouronions #libspill #auspol

    So long, @tonyabbottmhr #putoutyouronions

    @neil_saints @SamanthaC77 Sounds like he's as good as gone #putoutyouronions

    What an incredible year it's been.


    Say what you will about Tony Abbott, he sure ate a lot of onions #PutOutYourOnions

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