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Meet Ellia Green, The Baddest Woman In Rio

Meet the baddest woman in Rio.

Australia - and the world - meet your new hero: Ellia Green.

David Rogers / Getty Images

At 171cm (5'6") and 76kg (167lbs), she is the enforcer of Australia's gold medal winning women's rugby sevens team.

David Rogers / Getty Images

Aussies have known about Green since this barnstorming 80-metre, match winning try at the Gold Coast Sevens last year.

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And before that she was a pretty fast runner for Australia.

David Crosling / AAPIMAGE

But now, the world has finally gotten a taste of her after she dominated in the Rugby Sevens in Rio.

Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images

First, there was her try in the opening match to help Australia to a 36-0 victory against Fiji.

Then came a bruising encounter against the USA, in which Green was taken from the field in the first minute after this bone crunching tackle.

BANG! Ellia Green sidelined after sickening hit. But she didn't want to go off! #WhatALegend

But that didn't stop her. Green was back the next day to help the Aussies put Spain away 24-0. She even managed to strike this incredible pose while scoring a try.

David Rogers / Getty Images

And have we mentioned her Instagram?

Which is both fun...

And incredibly fierce.

And adorable.

But anyway, back to the rugby. Because on Tuesday morning she did it again.

David Rogers / Getty Images

Scoring the try that sealed a gold medal victory for Australia.

Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images

So now on top of being an all round bad ass, Ellia Green can add Olympic gold medallist to her résumé.

Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

The lesson in all of this: Don't fuck with Ellia Green.

Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images

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