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One Thing We Learned On Election Night: Don't Fuck With Laurie Oakes

Don't mess with Laurie Oakes.

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Australia's most respected political journalist was the subject of his own betting market on election night - what colour tie would he wear on the Channel 9 panel?

And when the doyen of the press gallery came out in a little red number, which was the favourite, the team at Sportsbet were quite pleased with themselves. But then something dawned on them.

Laurie was gaming the system.

Hold on, has Laurie Oakes swapped ties? #Conspiracy #AusVotes

Then there was a third tie.

A third tie! Damn you Laurie! @Channel9 #auspol


And a fourth.

A fourth tie? C'mon man! Laurie...what are you doing. Laurie...stahp... #ausvotes

A fifth.

Fifth tie - black 😩😩😩😩😩 #ausvotes

And finally, a sixth.

A sixth tie for @LaurieOakes...enough! Stuff this! We're paying out on all tie colours! @Channel9 #ausvotes

Well played, Laurie.

Yeah yeah, laugh it up got us mate. Well played. #ausvotes @Channel9 #auspol