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23 Things We Saw At Today's Reclaim Australia And Anti-Racism Rallies

There were costumes.

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BuzzFeed News travelled to Martin Place in Sydney on Sunday morning, where competing rallies against Islam and racism were being held simultaneously.

At the top of Martin Place was the Reclaim Australia rally, which was protesting against extreme Islam, asylum seekers, foreign ownership and multiculturalism.

At the opposite end was a counter-protest aimed at the Abbott government, Indigenous rights and racism.

We saw some stuff...


That's Danny Nalliah, the president of the Rise Up Australia Party and the official speaker at the Reclaim Australia rally. Pointing to his own skin colour, Nalliah wanted to make it clear that his cause is not driven by racism.

"As the national president of the Rise Up Australia Party, we have the slogan to 'Keep Australia Australian'," he told the crowd to raucous cheers.

"[Media outlets] are all colourblind. They call this a racist rally, and here I am as the official speaker. I'm not white mate! I am black! The media will not show me speaking, because they will not be able to sell their message to the public. So the first thing we need to reclaim is for the media to speak the truth!"


Two people were arrested in Sydney. Mostly when anti-racism protesters attempted to make their way towards the Reclaim Australia event.


22. These Spartan guards carrying shields and waving the Australian, Indigenous and Eureka flags were definitely there.

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UPDATE: An earlier version of this post referred to the men as Roman guards. The internet has very quickly informed us that these shields are Spartan.

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