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Rupert Murdoch Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Australia

Abbott good. Greenies bad.

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Fresh off a month-long sojourn in his native Australia, media mogul Rupert Murdoch jumped on Twitter late on Thursday evening to let us know how he feels about his homeland. The reviews are mixed.

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Murdoch, who owns newspapers in every major city and a suite of news sites across the country, started by chatting about what a nice time he'd had. But things quickly turned south.

Great month in Oz - beautiful country, gtreAt people but with large problems.

He blamed an obstructive Senate for a lot of Australia's problems.

Country almost ungovernable with any Senate majority impossible for either side to execute. Bilateral agreement to change urgent if unlikely

"Extreme Greenies" copped a serve.

Extreme greenies, increasing in support hold balance. Against growth and subsequent jobs. Seem beyond reason.

He pointed out some policy issues.

Meanwhile world commodity prices in long term collapse as outrageous construction costs kill infrastructure projects.

He's also not a fan of the Labor opposition.

Seems capture of federal Labor leadership by corrupt violent unions. Govt must push on with reforms for sake of all sides or hold snap poll.

He praised the government's work.

Great progress made with Asia trade agreements by Minister Robb. Now need close China FTA. Big chance for food, healthcare, jobs.

Told us we have an ice problem.

One over riding social issue dominating conversation everywhere is alarm at spread of new deadly drugs, especially in rural communities.

Then he called for a snap election.

Only hope is new poll with govt of all the talents ready to work together with clear mandate for reform, bringing in new, young able people

And suggested Australia should vote for... Tony Abbott!

In spite of some blind spots, Abbott far the best alternative. Principled and a fighter.

So there you go. Rupert has spoken.


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