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Channel 10 Doesn't Care That You're Waiting 6 Days For New "X-Files"

The streams are out there.

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A new series of cult classic The X-Files hit screens this week, but if you live in Australia, you wouldn't know it. Channel 10 decided to wait six days after US audiences had seen the show before airing it here.

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Needless to say, Aussie fans of the show are PISSED.

Thanks Channel 10 for screwing Australian X Files audiences over.

Proposed @SBSComedy headline: The truth is out there: Channel 10 decides ratings aren't important, delays X-Files series premiere by 10 days

haha wow. Channel 10 is getting a hiding for not showing the X Files until a week later. 😂😂😂😲 #TheXFiles

Channel Ten staffer waiting by the docks for the reels containing the latest X Files episode to arrive on a steam ship.

A quick search of torrent sites reveals there are dozens of streams ready to be downloaded by hungry Aussie audiences (not that we'd ever recommend that). The show's availability online hasn't gone unnoticed on Twitter.

memo Ten network.

So channel10 is airing the x-files 6days after its us premiere. Congrats on the win BitTorrent. #thisiswhyyoufailat21stcenturymedia

That's adorable. @channelten is furiously plugging the X-Files while the majority of people are downloading and watching it.

But if Channel 10 is worried about losing viewers to pirating websites, it isn't showing it. The network's programming boss Beverley McGarvey says a six day wait is just fine.

Speaking to Mumbrella, McGarvey said die hard fans would be happy to wait six days to catch up with the rest of the world.

"I don't think it is unreasonable to ask people to wait six days. It's free, it's not like it is on an SVOD [subscription video on demand] service it is free-to-air television," she said.

"It launched in the US in a way that we would have had to launch it here on Monday night, the eve of Australia Day. It's not a great night for television when people are out having a bit of a party before Australia Day, we were not going to play it on Australia Day and then the rest of the week is still holiday season."

"We think the show is fantastic and it deserves two things: a really strong slot at the top of the week and a really strong lead in – that's why we waited six days."

So there ya go, if you've somehow managed to dodge the spoilers, you can watch The X-Files this Sunday on Channel 10 on Sunday night.

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