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Cheese Truck Crashes, Spills Cheese And Puns Everywhere

The news... it's.... not gouda.

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In news sure to roque your world, 26 tonnes of Bega cheese has spilled onto the road following a truck crash on the NSW south coast.

A truck carrying 20 tones of cheese between Bega and Sydney crashed at Jerrawangala overnight @973ABCIllawarra

The truck was carrying a load of delicious cheese from Bega to Sydney when it lost its whey, jackknifed and overturned on Monday night, spilling an abondance [look it up] of cheese on the Princes Highway.

Cheese spilling out the side of a truck that's on its side at Jerrawangala. @973ABCIllawarra

ABC reporter Ainslie Drewitt-Smith has been on the scene of the accident all day, and says the news isn't gouda.

Truck on its side at Jerrawangala. Alternating traffic on Princes Hwy. Driver is stable @973ABCIllawarra

Meanwhile, thanks to the swiss work of local authorities, the Princes Highway re-opened at around midday on Tuesday.

De'brie errywhere following a crash at Jerrawangala.. The truck was carrying 20 tones of cheese!! No one was injured

The truck driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

And if you were hoping to make a mozza on the sharemarket, today may not be your day. Bega Cheese shares have seen a 1.5% decline on Tuesday. Although this probably has nothing to do with the crash.!/BGA

The whole thing is unbrielievable, let's hope it gets feta.

NSW Police is investigating the crash. Bega Cheese has been contacted for comment.

Other puns considered for this story included "halouming cheese shortage", "Bega's belief" and "god edam."