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    Australia's Politicians From Lukewarm To Smoking Hot

    Admittedly, it's a low bar.

    18. Former Prime Minister Alfred Deakin

    Deakin University

    Bringing Hipster realness before it was a thing.

    17. Prime Minister Tony Abbott

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

    Admit it, you would.

    16. Assistant Treasurer Christian Porter

    Daniel Munoz / AAPIMAGE

    Keeping finances and our hearts in order.

    15. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

    Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

    Not conventionally handsome, but still has that certain je ne sais quoi.

    14. Queensland MP Wyatt Roy

    Wyatt Roy / Facebook

    He's young and he love puppies.

    13. NSW MP Alex Hawke

    Alex Hawke / Facebook

    He's got a safe seat in our hearts.

    12. Former Prime Minister James Scullin

    National Library of Australia

    That coif.

    11. Young Gough Whitlam

    Australian War Memorial

    Love a man in uniform.

    10. Hot Albo

    Anthony Alabanese / Facebook

    Ablo eat everything.

    9. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam

    Richard Wainwright / AAPIMAGE

    He could retain our data any time.

    8. Victorian MP Tim Watts

    Tim Watts / Facebook

    Watts up, Timmy?

    7. Young Malcolm Fraser

    National Archives

    Just a hot man and his horse.

    6. NSW MP Jason Clare

    Jason Clare / Twitter

    Minister for Hotness, 2007 - 2013.

    5. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull

    Handsom, distinguished, rich, and he rocks a leather jacket.

    4. NSW Premier Mike Baird

    Nikki Short / AAPIMAGE

    You handsome devil.

    3. Sydney MP Alex Greenwich

    Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

    Keep Sydney Independent/bangin'.

    2. Former candidate Neil Pharaoh

    Neil Pharaoh / Twitter

    Former candidate for Prahran, always the candidate for our heart.

    Bonus post: Neil's volunteer, Trent

    Neil Phraoah / Facebook

    He doesn't technically qualify, but, y'know...

    1. South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi

    Cory, if loving you is wrong we don't want to be right.

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