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    People Are Dragging This Christian Activist For Her Tweet About Volleys And Rooting

    "All about rooting"

    On Monday morning the Australian Christian Lobby's Queensland director, Wendy Francis, sent this tweet dragging the hell out of beloved Australian shoe, the Volley (formerly Dunlop Volley).

    It appears Francis, who has made a name for herself by campaigning against risqué advertising, took exception to Volleys' new #Grassroots partnership with Ansell condoms, which promotes safe sex.

    "Our campaign is all about the celebration of sexual expression whilst remembering to stay safe," the campaign states. "For this reason we've joined arms with Ansell condoms in support of safe sex, as whilst we're all about rooting, we believe in 'safety first'. So stay safe this summer and root for us, root for change, root for VOLLEY."

    For our non-Australian readers, "rooting" is another word for fucking.

    The campaign is accompanied by images like this:

    And this:

    And also this:

    But there was just something about Wendy's tweet that was really, really funny.

    I am still losing it at "all about rooting"

    Probably the phrase, "all about rooting".

    saddened to admit that i too am all about rooting

    So, naturally, everyone started to take the piss.

    Wish I owned a pair of volleys now. Because I'm all about rooting.

    Going to hire out the hotel room the Obamas just stayed in and chuck Dunlop Volleys at the bed

    Some people pointed out that by drawing attention to the campaign, Francis was actually doing Volleys a favour.

    Wow thanks so much Wendy, due to you and the streisand effect I now know about this great thing Dunlop Volley are d…

    the ACL is worried about the "R rated images" on this Dunlop campaign about safe sex. Do NOT share these images, re…

    While others pledged to buy Volleys.

    my shoes have a hole in them & now i'm buying some dunlop volleys because of that dumb as shit tweet

    A few people backed Francis.

    Yep. A disgusting over-sexualised campaign by a shoe company. Many people upset.

    There's actually many people who find nothing wrong with this type of advertising. Societies standards clearly at…

    And others just wanted to besmirch the good name of other businesses.

    Pretty sure Officeworks is into pegging

    But in the end, all this is really about is buying a cheap shoe and getting some (safe) action.

    Throw on your Volleys, cop a root

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