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9 Things Scientists Didn't Find When They Were Searching For Tiny Lobsters Off The Coast Of Sydney

TFW you're looking for tiny lobsters and you just end up finding four massive, extinct volcanoes instead.

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You know how sometimes you and your scientist buddies go out looking for tiny little lobsters off the coast of Sydney and all you can find is four giant, extinct volcanoes?

"Hello scientists!"
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"Hello scientists!"

That's exactly what happened to a group of scientists from the CSIRO.

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"We've found a cluster of ancient hotheads just east of the Sydney CBD," the CSIRO said in this VERY sassy media release.

The researchers were looking for larval lobsters when they stumbled across four, 50-million-year-old, extinct volcanoes about 200km off Sydney.

"It proves yet again that we know more about the topography of Mars than we do the sea bed in our own backyard," ANU geologist Richard Arculus told AAP. "But there's no real chance (they) are going to erupt again ... these guys have been dead for a long time.

Which is all well and good. But you know what they didn't find?

1. Tiny lobsters.

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2. The Japanese subs that attacked Sydney in 1942.

3. The lost city of Atlantis.


4. The Heart of the Ocean.

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5. Our leaders' polling numbers RIGHT GUYS.

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6. Wilson.

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7. The Nike hat I lost in Sydney harbour in 1996.

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8. Kim Kardashian's missing earring.

9. Harold Holt.

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Still, four giant extinct volcanoes isn't too bad.