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29 People Who Are Just Really, Really Happy The Plebiscite Is Dead

Farewell plebiscite, we hardly knew ye.

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1. In case you missed it, the Labor caucus voted unanimously on Tuesday to block the government's proposed marriage equality plebiscite.

Labor wants to achieve marriage equality in the fastest, cheapest, least harmful way possible. That's why we want a…

2. And while some people, like Australian Christian Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton, were unhappy...

Disappointing the people won't get a say, for now. This winnable battle for the preservation of the definition of…

3. ... Plenty of LGBT people were calling the decision a major win.

The plebiscite is dead and the hard work of sexual and gender diverse activists and allies helped to bury it. Today was a major win. #auspol


just saw the plebiscite news and i am THRILLED


rip plebiscite, you pissweak cop out

6. Lots of people were happy that young LGBT people will be spared from a national campaign on their rights.

whoa do you hear that sound, it’s the sound of several gay people who are not dead over the next 6 months. #plebiscite


The plebiscite is dead and many vulnerable LGBTIQ people are not. Great day for Australia. #auspol #plebiscite #marriageequality

8. Heaps of people made the same joke.

Ding Dong the Plebiscite is dead #auspol


"Ding Dong the plebiscite's dead..." #auspol #NoPlebiscite


11. And plenty of people were just happy to see the back of it altogether.

@LiberalAus: so keen for the #plebiscite amirite @AustralianLabor:






Let the record show the #plebiscite died on this day. It was hated by many and missed by none. #auspol


My office when we heard the plebiscite was dead. #auspol


So relieved that the #plebiscite will be blocked. Thank you! An enormous relief. #WeCanWait 🌈

19. Heaps of people just wanted to move on to the next order of business: a parliamentary vote on marriage equality.

End of dangerous plebiscite marks beginning of renewed campaign for free vote on marriage equality #auspol


now grow some balls @TurnbullMalcolm #freevote #plebiscite


No #plebiscite better than months of hateful shouting. #marriageequality inevitable in Oz. We can wait. @AMEquality


Now that the #plebiscite is dead, can we get sensible & have a free vote @TurnbullMalcolm @billshortenmp ? #loveislove #auspol

23. Then, outlawing heterosexuality.

the plebiscite is dead. next on the agenda, heterosexuality

24. But mostly, people just cracked jokes.


What will we spend the unused plebiscite money on? I vote nationwide pizza party! Or like mental health and education and stuff.


View of the dead plebiscite, hundred of years into the future


[extremely beastie boys voice] No plebiscite for your right to maaaarrrrryyyyyyyyyy


#BREAKING: Live pictures of @TurnbullMalcolm ahead of #SSM plebiscite debate at #CPH

29. So goodbye, plebiscite. We hardly knew ye.