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26 People Who Have Had It Up To Here With Australia Post

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1. This guy whose parcels just got chucked on the ground.

Hey @auspost, are you employing ex paperboys now? Just heard these hit flyscreen with a thud and bounce back:

2. This person who at least got them on the letter box.

So called #Delivery by @auspost today. We were home all day & have no gate so no excuse not to drive up @lizeburke

3. This person who's been waiting for ages.

@auspost again, have been waiting for a letter for over 4 weeks, this one from Melbourne. Yet Ive had someone else's post 3 times this week.

4. And this person who waited even longer.

I just got a letter delivered after a year. Letter came from @auspost. Shut the damned useless thing down. #auspol

5. This cat.

The cat isn't impressed with this surprise disguise 😂 @auspost #surprisedisguise

6. This person conducting an experiment.

Day 9 of my @auspost #snailmail challenge - I sent a letter from a post box (A) to my PO box (B) and... nothing yet.

7. This person at the end of a very long queue.

guess where I'm at? #servicedesign #opportunities #detailsmatter #auspost #perceptivetime #uxmelbourne #cx

8. These people who needed something delivered fast.

Thanks @auspost for guaranteeing 'next business day' delivery for express packages and then just...not delivering on next business day


@auspost The most frustrating thing when someone is waiting around all day, make sure they're home, and not even a knock. Just leaves a card


@auspost pretty bummed Click & Send service doesn't work, ordered a courier 2 days ago and still no one has come.... #fail

11. This person who doesn't know how many times she has to say it.

Hi @auspost how many complaints do I need to submit before my parcels no longer get left insecurely?

12. But then she received this wonderful follow-up attempt.

@auspost at least today's was a half hearted attempt...

13. This person who doesn't have time to be on hold all day.

Wow @auspost! On the phone to you for 22m now. Ive found the A to my Q thru other means but interested to see how long u take to pick up.

14. This person who has some questions about the time-space continuum.

How can @amazon get an order to me from the US in 9 days and @auspost take 10 days from Sydney ? #modernmystery

15. These people who were waiting for a knock on the door.

@auspost, I might be wrong here but “Attempted delivery” suggests the postman actually knocked the door? He didn’t, the lazy git.

16. But that knock never comes.

@auspost Why do my parcels never get delivered? Always says redirected to Post Office, even though I am home. Happens every single time!

17. No matter how long you wait.

@auspost Our postman sticks "You have a package" notes in our mailbox without attempting to deliver, is that how postage works now in Aus?

18. This person who is feeling a little lied to.

@auspost this parcel hasn't been delivered so where is it? Unlikely it got delivered at 5.27am GMT! Help!

19. This person who is just annoyed at the whole thing.

Is there a service more annoying than @auspost ? For three days my parcel has gone back and forth but you cant contact anyone about it

20. This person who has been through an ordeal.

more @auspost drama. send parcel to customer, he receives no card saying its at PO. PO returns to me. now they want to charge to re-send!

21. This person who wasn't getting sucked in by the big marketing machine.

Reckon @auspost has jumped the shark on its retail strategy. #jeggings and a post pack please - said no one ever.

22. This person who's just trying to get to work.

@auspost I’d like some room when I back out my driveway please.

23. This person who wanted to buy a nice gift for a newborn.

@auspost Im so angry!! My newborns xmas present has arrived & been ruined by what I imagine is careless handling!!

24. This person who came home to a surprise.

@auspost No really, who is going to clean it up? Did a huge burn out rather than walk 10 metres. #lazy service

25. This person who had just mowed the grass.

@auspost why did your driver in Mount Cotton QLD 19/11/2015 feel it was necessary to drive right to the front door?

26. And this guy who just straight-up refuses to pay for shit.

@AusPost I refuse to pay Australia Post exorbitant postal fees. I now wait until I can get letters hand delivered by directional travelers.

This post is dedicated to Alice, Tahlia, Nathan, Kim and the rest of the gang down at Australia Post HQ, who have to respond with a smile to every single angry tweet sent their way.

Thanks for all your tweets! We'll be back tomorrow morning, working hard to get back to everyone! ✌️🌙 - Pris & Sam #goodnight #sweetdreams

Keep on keepin on, guys.

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