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12 Fun Facts About The #Auspol Hashtag

A complete history of one of Twitter's most popular hashtags.

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#Auspol is the go-to hashtag for Australia’s political junkies.

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It's the place to be for the politically engaged Australians of Twitter, who tweet their often rude and crude thoughts on Aussie politics in 140 characters or less. It's often shouty, always opinionated and not for the faint of heart.

Today, #Auspol is in the top 30 trending topics for all of Twitter globally. But that hasn't always been the case. Before September 2010, the #Auspol hashtag had only been used seven times. But on September 7 that year, two men stepped up for what would prove to be a really, really long press conference.

Analysis provided to BuzzFeed News by Twitter has revealed the evolution of the hashtag from there.

1. It all started with these two.

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As Independent MPs Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor held a press conference to reveal they would side with Julia Gillard to help Labor form government, Twitter user @FischerKim sent out a simple message.

now its not #auswaits is it just #auspol

She followed up followed up with four more tweets

Why don't the media stop torturing Gillards parents? #auswaits #auspol

I don't remember a male PM's parents being interviewed #auswaits #auspol

What do Abbotts parents think #auspol #auswaits

Bob Ellis in media pack. Get him on twitter #ausvotes #auswaits #auspol

Over the next three days, use of the hashtag grew:

07/09/2010 - 241 Tweets

08/09/2010 - 1569 Tweets

09/09/2010 - 1562 Tweets

2. Today, the hashtag is among the most-used in the world.

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Its biggest single day came earlier this year when prime minister Tony Abbott saw off a vote to spill his leadership in the Liberal party room.

Other big days in 2015 have been the release of a report on children in detention, Abbott's post-spill address to the National Press Club and the lead-up to the PM's leadership scare.

3. The single most popular #Auspol tweet so far this year has been…

Does it really matter who will lead the freedom hating @Greens? Their anti-family & community destroying policies remain #greenspill #auspol

4. 2014 in #Auspol was all about the budget

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The biggest day for the hashtag last year was when treasurer Joe Hockey and finance minister Mathias Cormann were busted smoking cigars a day before handing down a harsh austerity budget.

Other big moments for the hashtag came in the days following the budget, during the #bustthebudget rallies and when the carbon tax was finally repealed.

5. The biggest #Auspol tweet of 2014 was…

The #ABC should not be attacked by the Abbott Government for subjecting them to scrutiny. RT if you agree. #auspol

6. 2013 was all about the election and Kevin Rudd stalking Julia Gillard for the prime ministership.

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The biggest single days in 2013 were when Kevin Rudd finally defeated Julia GIllard for the leadership, followed by the day of the federal election and Kevin Rudd's failed leadership putsch in March.

7. That year the most popular #Auspol tweet was...

Hey @GregHuntMP, don't destroy the Great Barrier Reef. #savethereef #auspol

8. In 2012, WikiLeaks had the biggest #Auspol tweet.

It is time for Twitter to move offshore: US gov demands all Twitter users details who used Occupy hashtag #auspol

9. In 2011, the biggest tweet was in support of marriage equality.

RETWEET if you think IT'S TIME for MARRIAGE EQUALITY #marriageequality #auspol

10. And in 2010, at the birth of the hashtag, the biggest tweet came from the ABC’s Chris Uhlmann.

the ALP has found a Liberal MP prepared to be deputy Speaker and "pair" with the Speaker - details now on #abcnews24 #auspol

11. The five most retweeted #Auspol tweets ever are...

@jokowi_do2 Killing people who have been reformed is wrong! You do this & EVERY Australian will hate you forever. Show some humanity #AUSPOL

(Most retweeted isn't necessarily the same as the most popular tweets above. Most popular takes into account a tweet's engagement, mentions etc)

THIS IS ASTONISHING. #MarchinMarch #auspol ” GET READY

This is a heartless and cruel budget that will cause many Australians undue pain & all based on a fairy tale about a debt crisis #auspol

Along with the @AlexanderWhite and @Tanya_Plibersek tweets above.

12. The most prominent #Auspol user is @taxenuffalready

He/she has sent more than 91,000 tweets. Many of them along these lines.