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100 Things Malcolm Turnbull Definitely Did In His First 100 Days As Prime Minister

There's never been a more exciting time to be Malcolm Turnbull.

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2. Then he was completely upstaged by his grandson.

3. Named his cabinet, including our first female defence minister.

4. Actually named a woman as the minister for women.

5. Compared himself to Frank Underwood.

6. Didn't move in to Kirribilli House because his place is nicer.

7. Dumped plans to deregulate university fees.

8. Became the nation's favourite new daddy.

9. Scored an early win when the Libs won the Canning by-election.

10. Was criticised over our off-shore immigration detention system.

11. Took selfies with wary travellers on Sydney ferries.

12. Subtweeted the Victorian Premier.

13. Got a coffee.

14. Probably replaced a mysteriously broken table in the prime minister's office.

15. Stood by Tony Abbott's delaying tactics on marriage equality.

16. Felt short.

17. Got a new mug.

18. Looked quite pleased with himself in Question Time.


19. Invited people to wear a sandwich board saying that "Malcolm Turnbull's got a lot of money".

20. So they did.

21. Hit the streets with his wife, Lucy.

22. Took more selfies.


23. Visited New Zealand.

24. Definitely did not give a fuck about the Melbourne Cup.

25. But then picked a horse anyway.

26. Caught a train with Chris Pyne and spoke about innovation.

27. Said there's never been a more exciting time to be an Australian.

28. Repeatedly.

29. Responded to the Murray Review.

30. Said he'll ban unfair credit card surcharges.

31. Appointed a chief scientist.

32. Invited the public to name Australia's new ice breaking ship in the Antarctic. That'll go well.

33. Went to a pub because he's a man of the people.

34. Dealt with the conservative wing of party being up to no good.

35. Dealt with former prime minister Tony Abbott, who won't stop talking about boats.

36. Dealt with claims Tony Abbott was leading an insurgency against him.


37. Tried to change the way we speak about Islam in Australia.

38. Responded to the death of NSW police worker Curtis Cheng.

39. Stood by the Abbott government's climate change policies.

40. Went on a boat.

41. Read to kids.

42. Went to Indonesia.

43. Took a selfie with the Indonesian president. He sure loves selfies.

44. Met Prince Charles and pretended he was pleased to see him.

45. Went to Germany.

46. Went to Manila.

47. Met President Obama.

48. Had an extremely awkward conversation with President Obama.


49. Told Obama to read the NT News.

50. Had another extremely awkward conversation with President Obama.

51. Went to Malaysia.

52. Spoke about disruption.

53. Announced a lot of funding to combat domestic violence.

54. Made a new international BFF.

55. Handed out medals at the NRL grand final.

56. Took more selfies.

57. Put lots of things back on a metaphorical table.

58. Refused to take other things off the same table.

59. Like raising the GST.

60. And cutting Sunday penalty rates.

61. Announced $1 billion in funding for ~innovation~.

62. Spoke about startups.

63. Used his glasses to point at things.

64. Drank Tasmanian wine.

65. Reaffirmed there's still never been a better time to be an Australian.

66. Really turned the government's fortunes around in the polls.

67. Pretended not to care about polls.

68. Had fun in Question Time.

69. Fixed relations with crossbench senators.

70. Attended a whole bunch of international summits.

71. Went to the cricket.

72. Went to Sculptures By The Sea in his electorate.


74. Launched a book about the Whitlam dismissal.

75. Met some Aussie troops.

76. Laid flowers at a memorial for the victims of the Paris terror attacks.

77. Spoke about startups.

78. Touched Bill Shorten.

79. Got rid of Tony Abbott's knights and dames.

80. Went to the beach.

81. Carried his own bags because he's cool like that.

82. Got rekt by Leigh Sales.

83. Said he wouldn't call an election until late in 2016.

84. Scored another win when the Libs won the North Sydney by-election.

85. Appointed Joe Hockey to be our next ambassador to the United States.

86. Met with state premiers.

87. Released the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook!

88. Got accused of mansplaining.

89. Lost a member of his own party when Ian Macfarlane switched to the Nationals.

90. Regained a member of his party when Ian Macfarlane's attempt to switch to the Nationals spectacularly fell apart.

91. Defended Mal Brough.

92. Spoke at a forum about suicide and mental health.

93. Vowed to work right through Christmas.

94. Shook hands with a robot.

95. Took a FUCKING SELFIE with the robot.

96. Commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Sydney siege.

97. Kept defending Mal Brough.

98. Overturned Tony Abbott's opposition to wind energy.

99. Avoided a debate on penalty rates.

100. Sent his Christmas card via email.


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