8 Things That Make Americans Cringe On Tax Day

Americans dread April 15th, but just in case you needed them, here are 8 more reasons why we need real tax reform that creates a simple, fair, and efficient tax code.

1. The IRS estimates that Americans spend 6.6 billion hours per year filling out tax forms. In that amount of time, you could build 940 Empire State Buildings.

2. The current tax code forces Americans to spend over $168 billion just to comply. That’s the equivalent of writing a $529 check to every single man, woman and child in the U.S.

3. Last year, the federal government took in a record $2.8 trillion in taxes. $2.8 trillion could buy nearly every household a brand new Ford F-150 built in Lima, Ohio.

4. Despite taking in record-high tax dollars, our debt stands at $17.5 trillion. $17.5 trillion in $1 bills would cover every square inch of highways, road, parking lots, and pavement in the U.S.

5. Our hard-earned tax dollars aren’t always well-spent, to say the least. For example, each year the federal government spends $1.67 billion operating and maintaining 77,700 government buildings that are either totally vacant or only partially used.

6. Also, the State Department spent $630,000 on Facebook “Likes”.

7. Since 2001, the code itself has been changed nearly 5,000 times. The burden is on taxpayers to keep up with those changes.

8. And it’s long: the current tax code is 73,954 pages. If laid out, those pages would be almost 13 miles, or a half-marathon, long. That’s 10 times the length of the Bible, with none of the good stories.

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