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Who's Prince Harry's Daddy?

With his brother William's wedding on the horizon, the world still wonders: who is Prince Harry's Daddy? Yes, red hair is a Spencer trait (his Mom's family), but it is highly unusual in a Windsor and there are other interesting possibilites.

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  • 1. James Hewitt

    This polo playing stud was acknowledged by Diana herself as a long-term lover. He shares the same redhaired mop as Harry.

  • 2. The Prince of Wales

    The House of Windsor would have us believe that the prince is Harry's father, but there is not a shred of similarity between them and Charles is known to treat Harry more like a redheaded stepchild than a biological son.

  • 3. Barry Mannakee

    This handsome but common gent served as Diana's bodyguard in the 80s before his untimely death in 1987. Although not a redhead, he resembles Harry more than Charles.

  • 4. Will Carling

    This English former rugby captain claims that he and Princess Diana were "just friends."

  • 5. James Gilbey

    This little known English public relations executive was known to refer to Princess Diana as "Squidgey".

  • 6. Oliver Hoare

    This art dealer still continues to deny a relationship with the Princess of Wales. Also, not a redhead.