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Ranking Of Disney Princesses According To 'Would Bang'.

Ever wondered which Disney Princess would come out on top?

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12. Princess Aurora

The Walt Disney Company - Sleeping Beauty

Not to discredit her sleeping game, but homegirl is unconscious most of the time and that's just not okay. She only comes in slightly ahead of pre-pubescent Snow White.

11. Princess Ariel

The Walt Disney Company - The Little Mermaid

Ariel is a babe, but she is severely lacking a number of orifices. Plus you'd probably drown. And she is 16. And if it's when she is on land she literally cannot talk so you're gonna have issues with her faking it fo sure.

9. Elsa

The Walt Disney Company - Frozen

I know, she is technically QUEEN Elsa, but still deserves a place on the list. She ranks here because if she got a little handsy, I think we can safely agree no one wants frostbite there.

7. Belle

The Walt Disney Company - Beauty and the Beast

Belle literally falls in love with an animal (bestiality, we're all thinking it!) and her closest friends are inanimate objects. There is still a case for her being clinically insane, but we never said that isn't a positive? What happens in Europe...

6. Merida

The Walt Disney Company - Brave

Merida is foxy and a whole lotta woman, but her accent would prove post-coital talk difficult and the firecrotch needs to be addressed... this was the middle ages.

5. Princess Anna

The Walt Disney Company - Frozen

Anna seems like the kinda chick you could get beer and pizza with pre-bang, the type of 'cool girl' Amy Dunne would lampoon. However, she did want to marry someone just after meeting them so we may have a clinger on our hands.

4. Jasmine

The Walt Disney Company - Aladdin / Via

Jasmine seems like she would have a lot of chemistry to her, plus she has a pet tiger so she wouldn't be afraid to be adventurous. Downside? Has poor hygiene as Aladdin had been living on the streets and still got into her pants.

3. Cinderella

The Walt Disney Company - Cinderella

Cindy is the oldest of the group at 19 so would hopefully have a fair amount of experience by now. As an added bonus she has been cleaning most of her life so you would hope everything is in order down... there.

2. Pocahontas

The Walt Disney Company - Pocahontas

Pocahontas is one with the land so it's likely she'll be okay with some outdoors action, and she doesn't care about race. Pocahontas don't care. Plus she looks mad thirsty.

1. Rapunzel

The Walt Disney Company - Tangled

Rapunzel has that sweet and innocent look, but then whips that hair back and forth like nobodies business. She's like the Taylor Swift of Disney Princesses. Ever wanted to be tied up to the bed with hair? Done. Would bang.

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