Rob Laru
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    • Rob Laru

      I don’t understand. Was she being held prisoner at that job? Was she not allowed to seek other employment? Did she not have marketable skills? If she wasn’t making a decent salary, why didn’t she seek a job that offered better pay? I’m assuming as an adjunct she could have learned anything she wanted at the school where she taught, so she could have learned marketable skills if the skills she had weren’t able to provide her the salary she wanted. Nobody deserves a high salary just because you are working. For the most part, jobs pay what the market will bear. You want a higher paying job? Get the skills necessary to get one. If everyone takes a shite salary for the job, that’s what’s will be offered. She’s obviously not the only one making that low salary, everyone is. So that’s what the job is worth.  Colleges, like any other business, are about making money by selling a product, in this case, education. Want a better education, you pay more for it at a better school, same as if you want a better car, you pay more for it. Who’s responsible for the perception of the quality of one college’s educational offering over another? That would fall to the administration. Just like a corporation pays good money for a CEO that will make it more money, so too will a college. In the case of not-for-profit schools, the college grows it’s endowment, has better looking buildings, and pays it’s tenured faculty better money. But the management of the business is the president’s job. Do people view Duquesne as a better-than-average school? Thank the president. The board apparently thinks so and certainly does.  Everywhere around the world people do what they can to make themselves more marketable and earn the best salary they can. Only recently is there the notion that one should be able to make a “fair” or “living” wage, regardless of the skills or ability of the worker. Here’s a bit of news for those that feel this way: When McDonalds workers start making $30k/year, everyone who worked their asses off to learn more marketable skills will start to demand, and get, better pay. Inflation will do what inflation does, and before too long, that $30k will no longer be a “living” wage.  Consumers pay for the best value. Companies pay for the talent to develop and deliver the products that offer that value. Wanna be one of those with the talent? Do what it takes to graduate high school with a 12th grade literacy skill set. Do what it takes to develop whatever skills you need to get the type of job that pays what you want to make. Then work, work, work, at achieving your goals.  Just because you would rather do one thing more than another doesn’t mean you deserve a nice salary. That you were too short sighted to to take your primary education seriously is no one’s fault but your own. If you didn’t want to do the work and put in the time to invest in your own future, it should not fall to society to take care of you. If that were the case everyone would be a professional surfer, scuba diver, dancer, hiker, or bum. You want to make the bucks, you gotta offer what the people want. That’s never going to change.

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