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11 Undeniable Truths We All Experience When We're Sick

You didn't ask for any of these to happen, they just come with the territory when you're sick. And when you need fast, powerful cough relief, choose doctor-recommended Robitussin®.

1. You have to constantly deal with people's reactions when you tell them you're "under the weather."

2. Which also leads to you awkwardly avoiding any type of physical contact.

3. You crave your favorite foods, but when it comes time to eat, you can't taste a thing.

4. You live in constant fear that a cough will lead to something spilling out of your body.

5. One minute you are freezing to death and need to wrap yourself in every blanket you have...

6. ...and then 30 seconds later you are hotter than hell and need to evacuate your blanket cocoon immediately.

7. You quickly realize that your only friend for the next few days is your box of tissues...

8. ...until they start to TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE!

9. The beautiful, bright sun becomes your evil nemesis.

10. You become numb to the taste of orange juice and every flavor of sports drink to ever exist.

11. You start to go a little stir crazy from being stuck inside for days.

Experiencing a coughing attack at the absolute WORST times and suffering the COUGHEQUENCES™.

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