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11 Times Your Body Is Against You

You may THINK you can control it, but sometimes your body just has a mind of its own. It’s time to outsmart your body and take control of your cough with Robitussin® to fight even the toughest coughs.

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1. When your bladder decides to ring the alarm at a store with no bathrooms in sight.

2. When your legs think it's fun to go ahead and trip over themselves.

3. When your eye schedules a twitching fest during a staring contest.

4. When the one itch on your body decides to attack in the middle of your back where it's impossible to scratch.

5. When you take a big sip, and your body decides that the beverage should go down the "wrong tube."

6. Your voice decides to crack in front of your boss... 15 years after you've gone though puberty.

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7. When you're in the middle of a good laugh, and your body feels you should top it off with an even better snort.

8. When you're in the middle of a very important conversation, and your body says, "Hey, you haven't burped in a while..."

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9. When you and your body have different opinions on how your hair should look that day.

10. When it sometimes doesn't understand its own strength.

11. When your eyelids decide that it's time to go to sleep... at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.

And when it decides it's the perfect time for you to suffer the COUGHEQUENCES™ during your big speech.

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