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7 Totally Stupid Ways To Waste Your $10 ( Unless You Do The Following….)

Check out seven stupid ways to waste your money

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1.) Set fire to it, unless you are Pablo Escobar on the run, and need to heat the house

As the second series of Narcos showed, Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar resorted to some pretty desperate measure while on the run. Moving from safehouse to safehouse around Medellin, his billions couldn’t buy him the security he craved. By the end, Don Pablo resorted to burning dollar bills to keep him and his family warm.

2.) Gamble it on online slots, unless you are playing a shared jackpot

With some of the worst odds in the casino, the slot machines are a sure-fire way to lose your money. However, if you were to use your $10 to play an online slot with a shared jackpot, you could stand to turn your stake into millions. A few years back, Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune slot machine paid over $16m to one lucky player. You won’t win that kind of cash in Vegas.

3.) Try to Get Drunk on It, Unless You Are in Slovakia Where Alcohol Is Super Cheap

$10 won’t get you far in any major city, especially if you plan on getting drunk with it. It’ll buy you two pints in London and just one in New York City, making a $10 pub crawl in these towns a futile task. Over in Slovakia things are different. The most expensive city is the capital Bratislava, where a pint of excellent local beer costs just $1, and a shot of schnapps is half that. Na zdravie!

4.) Throw It in the Bin, Unless It’s a Charity Basket for a Cat Rescue

A 2015 study showed that Americans misplace $62 million each year, and throwing $10 in a bin is probably one of the most senseless of ways to waste it. However, throwing it in a charity basket is one way to put the money to good use. Where you choose to donate it is up to you, but with 2.7 million healthy dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full, Save a Cat are doing great work in neutering nationwide.

5.) Try to Backpack Around a Whole Country, Unless It’s Tiny Malta

Backpacking isn’t super expensive, but budgetingonly $10 to travel around a whole country is just plain stupid. That is unless you choose one of the world’s smaller nations, and at just 122 square miles, the Mediterranean island nation of Malta is the size of Kansas City. You can see every sight in Malta in one day using the bus, and with a return ticket costing just $2.50, you can invite 3 of your friends to join you on the shortest of backpacking adventures.

6.) Spend It on Dodgy Street Food, Unless You Really Need a Week off Work

Street food is certainly convenient, and if you travel through Asia or Latin America, then street vendors offer delicious local food that is so cheap that $10 can easily last you a week. That said, studies show that food prepared and served on the street doesn’t always come with high standards of cleanliness, leaving you open to illnesses such as diarrhoea, salmonella, botulism and various other nasties. However, if you really want a week off work, then dodgy street food can be the perfect way to get a doctor’s sick note, which makes that $10 portion of street sushi a reliable choice for workshy hypochondriacs everywhere.

7.) Swap It for a Coin, Unless You Use a Time Machine to Travel Back to 2010, and Buy a Bitcoin

There’s so many things we could do if we had a time machine. We could copy Bill and Ted on their Excellent Adventure, and gather together Napoleon, Socrates and Billy the Kid for the ultimate history presentation. We could see how Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built, or tell a younger you what to study in college. Or we could go back to 2010 and spend $10 on a bitcoin, which was the price of one unit of the world’s first cryptocurrency back then. At the time of writing in 2017, a ten-buck investment would now be worth $6,000.

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