12 Reasons Why Pitch Perfect Is Still In My Dvd Player

I finally picked up my own copy of Pitch Perfect about a month ago after I realized just how often I was watching my totally legal downloaded copy. It hasn’t left my DVD player. Aca-awesome.

1. Anna Kendrick. Always a good choice.

2. My friends ask me to stop being weird because I am watching it again

3. I want to add mermaid dancing to my resume

4. There is never a good reason to use the word penetrate.

5. Bumper and Donald. Gettin it.

6. Who hasn’t felt like this?

7. Yes, please?

8. You call it a dude?

9. Rebel Wilson crushes every scene she is in with sheer awesomeness.

10. She’s pretty confident about all that. And she should be.

11. I want us all to be fast friends.

12. Sometimes I think I should stop watching it and then…

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