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    • robinsalvadoria

      Knee jerk response. Inner city schools tend to have peace officers because of the gangs and prevalent violence, though their utility is subject to debate. Having armed police come in because ofarash of threats, or some known hazard is reasonable…like the loose gunman in Blacksburg and all the schools in lock down, while picking up your kids with officers in the parking lot with BIG guns wasalittle scary. Asadaily thing?A50% chance at most of being in position to actually preventashooting without being one of the first victims in my opinion. Considering that while Sandy Hook is shocking and sobering, inarisk analysis, the numbers of kids who were not inaschool whereashooting occurred is far higher.
      Train all school employees in how to aim and fireachemical extinguisher. Ifagunman gets loose and is entering classrooms,awell aimed shot to the head is going to incapacitate him.Anear miss is going to probably leave him coughing too hard to shoot straight. Then hit him over the head with the canister and take his gun. More guns in schools won’t appreciably stop school shootings. Most of them are pissed off students, it has little to do with it beinga”gun free zone”. But accidents (like leaving your gun inarest room) happen to the best of us, especially over time when the edge of danger is gone, and every weapon isachance foradeadly accident.
      If you are getting credible death threats daily, or if there could be political points to be gained by your kids beingahostage, then yes, your kids’ school should have really good security. Most schools don’t need it. The sole reason I’m willing to see it happen is it will stimulate the economy assuming these are paid positions, and pacify the fearful. I’d rather not see the schools look likeapolice state. Police because ofabomb threat, or rumors some gang is planning to revenge themselves onateacher who flunked some kid? Yes, by all means. Daily fora”what if”? Not worth the risk of the guard going nuts for some reason.Ihave the same attitude toward folks who feel the need for CC or openly packingapistol wherever they go when they are not going toahigh risk area or carryingalot of cash.Idon’t think you can be free if you live in fear.
      Like letting the TSA happen because of 9/11….Irecall dozens of hippie hijackers in the 60s/70s wanting planes to go to Cuba…. tightened up security to screen out guns on flights, but not much else. When did Americans decide they would rather be inconvenienced and harassed than takealittle risk? Somewhere our collective courage got subsumed toadesire to be kept safe, whether by packing heat yourself or submitting to humiliation in order to travel.

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