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    • robinleeh

      I am incredibly proud to say I’m from Jersey, because that meansIno longer live in that horrible, disgusting state.Isuffered it for forty-two years beforeImanaged to escape, and in that time,Iwatched it go from the Garden State to the Toxic Waste State. The townshipIlived in was basicallyafarming community, but in fourteen years, they put in twenty-six housing developments, which pretty much did away with all the farms. Then, people moved in from Philly and brought their crime and drugs with them, further destroying what had once beenabeautiful area.
      Ask those who live near the Kinsley and Kramer landfills and Alcyon Lake how beautiful Jersey is. They once had to ban people from Alcyon Lake park in Pitman because the freaking GROUND was toxic from the landfill next to the lake! Gods, did that water STINK! The whole damned state smells likeawet dog whenever it rains, from Mullica Hill to Newark.
      Yes, New Jersey does breed hardy souls. But that’s because we’ve had to put up with all kinds of garbage from the pinheads and yahoos that govern the state, along withalot of inhabitants that are actually proud to be stupid. Why else would they continue to elect politicians that actively hate the state and consider it’s people to be moronic sheep? Hell, Governor Christie Whitman actually quit her office to run off to DC to beashill for Bush.
      New Jersey-awesome to be from, butaliving hell to still live there.
      Don’t like whatIhave to say? Tough. I’maJersey Girl and your opinion doesn’t mean squat.

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