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28 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Kid With ADHD

Working hard to raise a kid with ADHD? Ignore the stink eyes and learn to let it go.

1. People don't get it.

2. You can love your child and still be super annoyed.

3. It's okay to feel angry.

4. It can be a lonely road.

5. Other parents are judgy.

6. Many ADHD kids (two-thirds) have other challenges.

7. Some people don't believe ADHD exists.

8. People will interrogate you over your child's diet.

9. Thinking ahead is good.

10. Failing to think ahead is bad.

ADHD kid + hunger + quiet restaurant + long wait = losing your mind (both you and your child!)

11. A sense of humor is required.

12. Everyone has an opinion on medication (and they're not afraid to share it.)

13. If you are medicating, you will wonder if you shouldn't.

14. If you're not medicating, you will wonder if you should.

15. You will worry that your child has been labeled.

He's difficult! She's a nuisance! That kid is trouble!

16. You will worry that your child is misunderstood.

17. You will love or hate your doctor.

18. You will love or hate your school.

19. You will suspect your child has early-onset Alzheimers.

20. You will suspect that your child is a narcissist.

21. Potty training never ends.

22. You will be pushed to the brink of your humanity.

23. Your heart will expand.

24. Your nails will grow longer and sharper.

25. You will develop advocacy skills you never thought you had.

26. You will be jealous.

27. Gratitude is everything.

28. You will learn to LET IT GO.