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28 Things Nobody Tells You About Having A Kid With ADHD

Working hard to raise a kid with ADHD? Ignore the stink eyes and learn to let it go.

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2. You can love your child and still be super annoyed.


ADHD kids forget their homework, their lunchbox, and the jacket you just bought at Target. Even when you remind them. Which you do. All the time.

15. You will worry that your child has been labeled.

He's difficult! She's a nuisance! That kid is trouble!

20. You will suspect that your child is a narcissist.


ADHD kids are hyper-focused on what they want. Think of your child as the world's most effective self-advocate. It'll make you feel better.

27. Gratitude is everything. / Via

You will be forever grateful to the parents, teachers, and kids who show compassion, inclusion, and humor. They will reach out to you and your child. You will never forget it.

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