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    • robingoldstein

      Thanks for the great exposé of wine bullshit everywhere! As the author of studies 2, 4, 8, and 10, I just wanted to correct something about the description of my 2008 Journal of Wine Economics paper (“Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?”). In that study, we actually found *no* statistically significant correlation between price and preference for wine experts (i.e. people with professional experience or training), which is even better evidence for your point! Even more surprisingly (at least for me), we actually found a significant *inverse* correlation between price and preference for non-experts. This means that on average, everyday wine drinkers actually prefer cheaper wine to more expensive wine when they don’t know the price of the wine they’re drinking. When you *do* tell people the price, however, the placebo effect takes over…and suddenly they love the expensive wine and hate the cheap wine, as shown by Hilke Plassman and her colleagues (the Caltech study you cited — Hilke is now at INSEAD).
      Cheers, Robin Goldstein

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