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    8 Best Moments From Greens Leader Richard Di Natale's Q&A

    The freshly minted Greens leader responded to a barrage of questions via Facebook on Friday, with insight, wit, and just a hint of trolling.

    1. Ruthless mocking of Turnbull's fraudband

    Buffer that, Malcolm

    2. A one-step plan to stop the votes

    Jaymes Diaz must be jealous.

    3. Bastards beware

    Better a bastard than feral, perhaps?

    4. Time for some "grass"-roots activism

    Such pun, my sides are aching

    5. Vaccination? Right on, mate


    6. Light trolling

    Look at this smug obstructionist

    7. His allium-shunning ways

    Well, someone won't be receiving a gift basket from Onions Australia.

    8. His big "ideas"

    Oh my...

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