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32 Moments That Scarred Every British Kid For Life

It's a wonder you made it this far.

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1. Signing in and out of MSN Messenger to get your crush's attention, but they still wouldn't say hello.


2. Or declaring your love for them and regretting it when they didn't reply immediately so you'd say "sorry that was my friend!"

3. The pure existence of Otis the Aardvark.


4. When you tried to make your own Tracy Island but it ended up looking like this:

5. When you realised that the Gamesmaster wasn't actually a body-less cyborg after all.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

6. When they took away blue Smarties. Only to replace them years later with this definitely not blue alternative.

This less-toxic-coloured blue smartie makes me sad. Take me back to my childhood where smarties were ACTUALLY blue.

7. When someone who had read the new Harry Potter book within hours of its release would reveal massive spoilers.



8. When PJ was blinded. "Duncan, I canny see!"


9. But then years later (when his sight had returned) you'd scream at the TV as people tried (and failed) to win Wonky Donkey.


10. And you still can't watch...

Warner Bros.

Without thinking about...


11. When Friends moved to Sky One so you couldn't watch it anymore.

Warner Bros.

12. After waiting excitedly for a BRAND NEW TV CHANNEL...

Channel 5 / Via

You got to launch day and it looked a lot like this:

13. When you couldn't stop recording the Top 40 in time and you'd end up with the DJ talking all over your favourite song.

#WhenIWasYounger I used to tape the top 40 on a sunday and try stop it before they started talking

14. When you'd get a question wrong in Bamboozle and have to go back to the start.

Channel 4 / Via Twitter: @UNILAD

15. The predictable stupidity of Crystal Maze contestants.

Channel 4

16. When you only had one sticker left to get in the whole of your Premier League sticker album but couldn't find it for love nor money.


17. When you were in Year 7 and a Year 11 you'd known your whole life pretended they didn't know you.

Channel 4 / Via

18. Sitting in class all afternoon before someone told you you had this stuff stuck to your back the whole time.

19. When the teachers bullied you into signing up to DofE.

realising we still had another 20 miles uphill to go #dofeproblems

20. Likewise General Studies.

Nothing will ever be more pointless than my general studies lessons

21. Or the fear of this moment.

22. Being on the receiving end of some rather painful Astro burns.

23. Not to mention being hit by a ball on a cold day.

24. Though the dimpled plastic ones were the actual worst.

25. When someone would scream "NEXT GOAL WINS" moments before you conceded.

Never understood the point in 'next goal wins' you could be winning 7-3 and if the opposing team score you lose #pointless

26. The moment you were handed this bringer of misery.

27. And the time you realised speaking to people after exams was a bad idea.

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @SecondarySchooI

28. When you'd get home from school only to find the most terrifying teacher you ever encountered.


29. Not to mention Jeopardy, which made The X-Files look like Playdays.

BBC / Via

30. But then the BBC had been freaking you out for years. Remember the "educational" Through the Dragon's Eye?


31. When the person you fancied would take you out of their Top 8.

32. And finally, the bleep test. Obviously.