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32 Moments That Scarred Every British Kid For Life

It's a wonder you made it this far.

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6. When they took away blue Smarties. Only to replace them years later with this definitely not blue alternative.

This less-toxic-coloured blue smartie makes me sad. Take me back to my childhood where smarties were ACTUALLY blue.


13. When you couldn't stop recording the Top 40 in time and you'd end up with the DJ talking all over your favourite song.

#WhenIWasYounger I used to tape the top 40 on a sunday and try stop it before they started talking


19. When the teachers bullied you into signing up to DofE.

realising we still had another 20 miles uphill to go #dofeproblems

20. Likewise General Studies.

Nothing will ever be more pointless than my general studies lessons


25. When someone would scream "NEXT GOAL WINS" moments before you conceded.

Never understood the point in 'next goal wins' you could be winning 7-3 and if the opposing team score you lose #pointless


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