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32 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Loved "Stranger Things 2"

Disclaimer: this post is 90% Steve Harrington and Bob, because nothing else matters.

1. When Steve's transition was perfectly summed up:

2. The original Nougat Bae:

3. This incredible bit of advertising:

4. This deleted scene from the end of the season:

5. When it was November 8:

6. This reminder that even your faves are flawed:

7. The secret to Steve's success:

8. This sport that's taking over the nation:

9. When Netflix spoke directly to our soul:

10. This handy self-diagnosis tool:

11. When we first saw Steve's paternal side:

12. Which progressed significantly through the season:

the moms of stranger things season 2

13. When bridges were built:

14. This very important character poll:

Who was your favorite new @Stranger_Things character? #StrangerThings2

15. This concerning discovery:

16. This fight that was only ever going to go one way:

17. The meme that sums up Mike in Season 2, but also 98% of teenage boys:

18. Netflix's Twitter bio that makes a LOT more sense now that the season's over:

19. But even that's got nothing on their Instagram:

20. When Mr Wheeler clearly had no idea how far Mike would go for his friends:

21. This movie that deserves to be made while we're waiting for Season 3:

Babysitter Steve is the best Steve

22. This pumpkin that we wouldn't be able to run away from fast enough:

23. This spooky outtake:

24. All of us, forever:

everyone after stranger things season 2

25. When Millie was reprimanded for her language:

26. The time Steve was definitely a cool mom:

27. And talking of Mean Girls...:

28. When the world wanted in on their new mom's secret:

29. This sneak peak of the final scene of Season 3:

30. But it's not all about Steve:

31. When life gets you down, just think..."What would Bob do?":

32. And if it's STILL getting you down. Well, there's only one thing for it...

The good news? There are going to be at least four seasons. The bad news? It's quite possible you'll have to wait until early 2019 for the next one...