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    37 Wonderful Things That Could Only Happen In Britain

    It's almost enough to make you feel patriotic. Almost.

    1. This act of absolute obedience.

    2. This barbecue.

    3. This plea for assistance.

    4. Crumpet rivalry.

    5. Coin-operated hair straighteners.

    6. This lorry.

    7. And this one.

    8. This play area that is as fun as it is hazardous.

    9. This guy taking his pony for a wander down the high street.

    10. This master of disguise.

    11. When England's physio dislocated his ankle at the World Cup.

    12. This useful leaflet.

    13. The time this bendy bus got beaten by a roundabout.

    14. This approach to lost children.

    15. This definitely not disgusting sounding beauty treatment.

    16. Roads that do this.

    17. This very British approach to coffee.

    18. These guys who would kill for some chicken.

    19. This bouncy castle slide shaped like the sinking Titanic.

    20. This treasonous doodling.

    21. People taking their vacuum cleaners for a stroll.

    22. This method of marathon motivation.

    23. The guy who decided he wanted to catch some rays.

    24. This varied traffic jam.

    25. Pasties in nightclubs.

    26. The woman who doesn't need an umbrella, thanks.

    27. The driver who doesn't care anymore.

    28. A piece of toast being classed as a "special".

    29. The best toilet graffiti you'll ever see.

    30. A suede car.

    31. This ingenious response to not being able to find a seat on the bus.

    32. This sign.

    33. Or the one that doesn't piss about with unnecessary syllables.

    34. This breaking news.

    35. The highest commuter in all the land.

    36. This appeal to the postie's kind side.

    37. And finally, the possibility that an evening may end up like this.