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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Oct 31, 2014

    19 Genius Halloween Costumes Only Brits Will Understand

    Bus wankers!

    1. Every Alan Partridge.


    2. Simon's car from The Inbetweeners.

    3. A Blue Peter presenter.

    4. The Chuckle brothers.

    5. Sooty and Sweep.

    6. Bertie Bassett.

    7. The London underground.

    8. The cast of Eastenders.

    9. A Pepperami.

    10. Tubbs and Edward.

    11. Traffic cones.


    12. This great pun.


    13. Del Boy and Rodney.

    14. The Top Gear presenters.


    15. Wolf from Gladiators.

    16. The Lidl Mermaid.

    17. The 12th Doctor.

    18. Cassandra.

    19. A can of Irn-Bru.

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