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    25 Christmas Moments That Will Give You Intense Primary School Flashbacks


    1. When "Santa" would turn up to deliver presents and cards, but it was clearly just the caretaker.

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    2. Writing Christmas cards to (almost) everyone in your class.

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    3. Once you'd written all your cards, you'd drop them in something that looked a lot like this.


    What would primary schools have been like without crepe paper?!

    4. And you had to think VERY carefully about what you wrote.

    #PrimarySchoolMemories When putting " love from " in a Christmas card was the equivalent of a marriage proposal

    5. Then you'd live in fear that the unthinkable might happen...

    #PrimarySchoolMemories giving someone a Christmas card and not having one in return being the most upsetting thing about Christmas...

    6. Being cast as a shepherd in the nativity, so strapping your mum's favourite tea towel to your head.

    “@PrimarySklProbs: Getting cast as a shepherd in the Nativity play &wearing your mum's finest tea towel on your head”

    7. Though that was preferable to some of the more questionable roles that were dished out.

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    8. And while you were a mute character in the background, Mary was out the front stealing the fucking show.

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    9. And she probably wasn't exactly humble about it either.

    Being Mary in the Christmas play #proud #PrimarySchoolMemories

    10. But the role that was coveted above all others? Narrator!

    #PrimarySchoolMemories you know you've made it if you get the role of narrator in the Christmas play

    11. Making truly terrible Christmas decorations to take home that are inexplicably still in use 20 years later.

    The decoration I made in primary school that is put out every year, not knowing what it is meant to be #tradition

    12. And when it wasn't ribbon or tinsel it was salt dough. Who knew it would last so long?!

    Haha I made this decoration in Primary school! Back in my 'talented days' haha

    And there was always that one kid who tried eating some, before regretting it in a BIG way.

    13. How everyone would lose their shit when the stage blocks would be set up in the hall because it meant that Christmas was definitely here!

    14. Full school Christmas dinners.

    #PrimarySchoolMemories when your class got to go up to the dinner hall for Christmas dinner first..

    15. The whole school walking to the nearest church for the Christmas carol service.

    Holding hands walking to church at Christmas #PrimarySchoolMemories

    16. And some absolute rebel would sing the rude version, thus gaining the respect of everyone in the school.

    @ChairmanBLAOW "While Shepherds Washed Their Socks by Night." - Lower School "While Shepherds Wanked Their Cocks by Night." - Upper School

    17. Singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", and everyone screaming at the top of their voice for the third repetition of "Oh come let us adore him".

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    18. All the girls would put tinsel in their hair for the last day of term.

    19. When your teacher would get carried away and insist that the entire nativity had to be told in rhyming couplets.

    Gah. Morning Service has a nativity in rhyming couplets performed by insufferable children. #radio4

    Trying to find a word that rhymed with frankincense was never an easy job.

    20. Then they'd totally give up by the last day of term and let the entire school watch a video on a tiny TV in the hall – almost always The Muppet Christmas Carol.

    Disney / Jim Henson Productions

    21. When you'd count down the days until it was your turn to open the class advent calendar.

    22. But it would always be done in alphabetical order, so if your name was towards the end of the alphabet you'd have to wait AGES.


    23. But at least that was better than the alternative – a fucking advent CANDLE!

    Over 1/2 way on the advent candle. Not done one of these since Mr K had them at primary school.

    Erm, sorry, but where the FUCK is my chocolate?!

    24. Being able to bring in toys and games from home on the last day.

    #PrimarySchoolMemories Blockbusters board game constantly being brought in by some kid or other on the last day before Christmas

    25. And finally, getting back to school in January and writing the wrong year at the top of every page of your workbook for weeks!

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