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    22 Times Philomena Cunk Spoke The Terrifying And Wonderful Truth

    "Because evolution can't be seen, it's hard to believe in, like electricity or skeletons."

    1. On the patriarchy:

    2. On technology:

    3. On the failings of the British political system:

    4. On time:

    5. On important scientific questions:

    6. On racism:

    7. On stairs:

    8. On Jamie Dornan:

    9. On scepticism:

    10. On nature:

    11. On the top 1%:

    12. On women's suffrage:

    13. On alternative medicine:

    14. On Broadchurch:

    15. On cooking:

    16. On the Harlem Shake:

    17. On crime:

    18. On global warming:

    19. On women's suffrage, part II:

    20. On the welfare state:

    21. On Sherlock:

    22. And, finally, on Fifty Shades of Grey and the impending doom of Western civilisation: