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Were You A CITV Or CBBC Kid?

SMart or Art Attack? Sabrina or Clarissa? These were the choices that really mattered.

  1. 1. Your preferred choice of Saturday morning viewing was...

  2. 2. Who taught you how to draw?

  3. 3. Which super-powered prop would you rather own?

  4. 4. What's more disturbing?

  5. 5. Which face haunted your nightmares for years?

  6. 6. Which siblings do you remember most fondly?

  7. 7. Where would you rather put your hand?

  8. 8. What did you dream of doing as a kid?

  9. 9. Melissa Joan Hart will always be...

  10. 10. Which theme tune has been stuck in your head most frequently for the last 15 years?

  11. 11. And finally...

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