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    8 Long-Overdue Ways "Game Of Thrones" Could Bring Back Gendry

    Gendry is coming. Probably. So how are they going to pull this off?

    In case you missed it, last week Watchers on the Wall got hold of a photo of Gendry – aka Joe Dempsie – arriving at Belfast airport.

    1. He uses his 🔥 blacksmithing skills to arm the Seven Kingdoms with Valyrian steel.

    2. Six seasons later, he could finally make it to the Wall to join the Night's Watch.

    3. Cersei finally tracks him down, and his return is depressingly short-lived.

    4. Gendry rejoins the Brotherhood Without Banners (despite the fact they totally fucked him over in Season 3).

    5. He's recruited by Dany to join her band/coalition.

    6. He'll reunite with Arya, basically save her soul, and Tumblr will actually explode.

    7. Melisandre, running low on king's blood, tracks him down for ~reasons~.

    8. Or, maybe Dany's fleet just finds his rotting corpse floating around the Narrow Sea in a rowing boat.