19 Obama And Biden Tweets That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Get yourself someone who looks at you the way the VP looks at POTUS. (Special thanks to @Reverend_Scott and @TheDiLLon1 for turning this into an art form.)


    Obama: Wave at the people, Joe. Biden: IMMA POINT AT'EM Obama: Please just wave. Biden:


    "barack please don't leave me with them" "joe you're leaving when I leave" "oh right lmao love u"


    "I uh...just want to apologize. Whether it's true or not, Joe shouldn't have yelled 'you ain't real hip-hop, bitch'… https://t.co/8lVb5Wa8Tm


    Obama: Wave at the people, Joe. Biden: SODA DRINKING CONTEST Obama: Please just wave. Biden:


    "Please" "No, Joe the debate is on" "Just turn to ESPN real quick. I wanna see the score" "You have your own TV" "I… https://t.co/CBfHn7CWz9


    Obama: I have a meeting. Biden: I have a meeting. Obama: Stop copying me. Biden: Stop copying me.


    REPORTER: Mr. President, what's your favorite Wu Tang album? OBAMA: What kind of question is -- [biden grabs podium] BIDEN: LIQUID SWORDS


    [Writing the State Of The Union] OBAMA: So I'll say the state of the union is... BIDEN: On fleek. Say it's on fleek.


    Obama: I'd like to sit alone, Joe. Biden: IMMA SIT BY YOU Obama: There's plenty of other seats. Biden:


    "I'm the king of rock" "There is none higher" "Sucker MCs" "Should call me sire"



    OBAMA: You can either run for president or you can introduce Lady GaGa at the Oscars. You can't do both. BIDEN: Okay. I've made my decision.


    Obama: It's too hot for a scarf, Joe. Biden: IMMA DO THE SCARF WHIP Obama: Please don't do the scarf whip. Biden:


    "Mr. President on behalf of Shake Shack we just wanna thank you for stoppin..." Biden: "Imma have 4 more burgers"… https://t.co/Pq13eAJmQ7


    OBAMA: As FDR once said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. BIDEN: [tugging on Obama's sleeve] OBAMA: Yes Joe, and spiders.


    "See? Doesn't this feel right?" "Joe I'm not leaving my wife for you." "You said we'd be together forev-" "8 years.… https://t.co/PkDJxxipdb


    Obama: I'm busy. Stop asking, Joe. Biden: BUT I WANT A LLAMA Obama: Please don't cry. Biden:


    january 20th, 2017 joe: "barack, where are we goin?" barack: "far, far away, joe...far, far away."


    Obama:tell the world were bros Biden:*whispers* were bros Obama:bro why'd u whisper Biden:ur my world bro Obama:bro