29 Utterly Delightful Things You Only Find In Britain

Oh, Britain. Never change.

1. This wonderful headline.

2. Not to mention this one.

3. A police force that love early ’90s novelty hip-hop.

4. This plea from the University of Kent.

5. A spacial offer.

6. Passive aggressive music shops.

8. Somerset’s favourite sporting event.

9. This unfortunate piece of architecture.

10. Hove’s most reasonable graffiti artist.

11. This politically correct insult.

12. This woman.

13. This reaction.

14. Whatever this sign is.

15. This warning from a Devon resident.

16. This guy, apparently alive and well and riding the bus in Plymouth.

17. This warning.

18. ‘Your mum’ jokes on condom machines.

19. This Bristol blackboard.

20. And this rail network that really doesn’t like Ipswich.

21. Chesterfield anal festival.

22. The nicest thief in Aberystwyth.

23. This excuse.

24. This morbid sales approach.

25. This breaking news story.

26. This regal bus stop in Shetland.

27. Aberdeen’s dinosaur policy.

28. This complaint.

29. And finally, this lost peacock.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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