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    Unmasking The Actors Behind The Teletubbies

    Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, Po... or Simon, John, Nikki, Pui, as they like to be known.

    Unbelievably, it's 12 years since Teletubbyland closed for business.

    That's 12 years since you had to pretend you didn't watch it.

    So we thought it was about time we revealed the faces behind the... other faces.

    Say "Eh-oh"!

    As Tinky Winky...

    Simon Shelton

    Trained ballet dancer Shelton was not the original Tinky Winky. Dave Thompson first played the role, but was reportedly removed from the show after he gave an interview in which he admitted to playing the character as a homosexual. Fans of the '90s CBBC show Incredible Games may also remember Shelton as the mildly terrifying Dark Knight.

    As Dipsy...

    John Simmit

    Before playing the coolest of all the Teletubbies Simmit was a comedian, and remains so to this day. His website claims that he is John Cleese's secret love child, though we cannot confirm or deny this.

    As Laa Laa...

    Nikky Smedley

    As if being part of one hugely successful (if not slightly surreal) kids' show wasn't enough, since packing away her yellow suit Smedley has gone on to choreograph CBBC's In The Night Garden.

    And as Po...

    Pui Fan Lee

    Via BBC

    After leaving Teletubbyland behind, Lee went on to me one of the presenters of CBeebies, the BBC's channel for children aged six and under. In 2001 she was the subject of controversy after appearing in the Channel 4 show Metrosexuality, in which she performed a sex act with another girl. She told The Sun, "“I didn’t take the lesbian role to be deliberately controversial. Yes, I was Po. But I am an actress too and the role looked interesting, exciting and challenging."

    So there you have it. Hopefully we haven't ruined your childhood too much.

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