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19 Types Of Selfie We Hope To See Less Of In 2014

2013 was the year that "selfie" entered the dictionary. Surely things can only get better?

1. The politician selfie.

2. Even if you're Barack Obama.

3. The Kim Kardashian selfie.

4. The dying grandpa selfie.

5. The Auschwitz selfie.

6. The Chernobyl selfie.

Taking the selfie to radioactive levels :P #chernobyl

Jake Fletcher


Taking the selfie to radioactive levels :P #chernobyl

/ Via

7. The chesty ashes selfie.

8. The open casket selfie.

9. The 9/11 memorial selfie.

10. The driving selfie.

11. The video game selfie.

12. The burning building selfie.

13. The contractions selfie.

14. Any selfie involving Justin Bieber on a Segway.

15. The vain funeral selfie.

16. The homeless selfie.

17. The dog shit selfie.

18. The Grindr selfie taken at the Holocaust memorial.

19. #And #finally #the #overly #hashtagged #selfie.