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    30 Truths Only A Physical Geography Student Will Understand

    No, it's not just colouring in.

    1. To be honest, when you were applying to university you had no idea what you wanted to do.

    2. But you were really good at geography at school.

    3. And it always seemed pretty cool. There's volcanos, for a start.

    4. Tornados are totally badass.

    5. Just look at this! Geography seemed like as good a choice as any.

    6. But then you get there, and it's non stop "so is that just colouring in?" jokes.

    7. Again, and again, and again.

    8. And it can actually get really annoying.

    9. And if they're not mocking you about colouring in, they think you just learn flags and capital cities all day.

    10. Or they accuse you of studying geography to avoid doing any hard work.

    11. But mostly it's the colouring in thing.

    12. But you know this, so you can't get too angry.

    13. Having said that, when you meet people who still doubt global warming it's hard not to get a bit angry.

    14. You soon realise that there's a tense rivalry between human and physical geographers.

    15. Now human geography really is easy.

    Joking, obviously.

    16. You totally know how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull.

    17. And you know how to have a good time.

    18. You think these puns rock.

    19. In fact, you Syria-sly love a good pun.

    20. You know that Michael Palin is always right.

    21. And that geography degrees often lead to big things.


    Michael Jordan, Prince William, and Mother Teresa all achieved geography degrees.

    22. This scene is all too familiar.


    23. And it gets even more fun when you have to do it on your own for your dissertation.


    24. Your favourite part of any holiday is always this bit.

    Robin Edds via Facebook
    Robin Edds via Facebook
    Robin Edds via Facebook

    25. And your friends are always asking you what the weather's going to be like.

    26. Once you graduated, you realised that knowing what you wanted to do with your life might have been useful.

    27. So you quickly have to learn the phrase 'transferable skills'.

    28. And though some of your classmates will go on to make a lot of money looking for oil etc.


    29. Most will become teachers.

    Including you, probably.

    30. But on the plus side, you're a demon at pub quizzes.

    You can take this geography quiz in full here.

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