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    26 Tips For Taking The Perfect Engagement Photo

    Nothing says love like lying on a train track. Via

    1. First up, you need to make sure people know what's going on.

    2. Make sure everyone knows how happy you are.

    3. These guys, for example, are three times happier than most people.

    4. If you want to come across as the kooky couple you are, why not hang upside down.

    5. Or maybe sitting on the toilet is more your cup of tea.

    6. Just be careful not to come across as too much of a hipster, otherwise you'll just look silly.

    Thankfully these guys avoided that.

    7. Think carefully about the clothes you're wearing.

    8. Ensure that you and your partner both understand what each other wants.

    This is NOT what she expected when he suggested motorboating on the river.

    9. If all else fails, fruit.

    10. Srsly. Lots of fruit.

    11. But maybe there's something you like more than fruit. Guns, perhaps.

    12. You could even go a bit "Men In Black 4: The Wedding".

    13. Whatever you do, don't do this.

    Not that we're sure what "this" is.

    14. Remember, photoshop isn't always your friend.

    15. Trust us.

    At least we hope this is photoshopped. If it's not, we can't see things working out between these two.

    16. And who needs photoshop when you can just use your imagination.

    17. Holding up signs that say "Love" is a really good way of letting people know that you're in love.

    18. Be cheeky.

    19. Why not make it a game. For example, this one definitely has a Where's Wally? vibe.

    20. The most important thing is to be original.

    21. Oh...

    22. This is awkward.

    23. Wow. Much train track.

    24. Visual puns go down really well.


    25. Make sure your hair looks super fly.

    26. And finally, always ask yourself, "Do we look stupid?".

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