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    16 Glorious Examples Of Politicians Getting Trolled On Twitter

    Let's hope they never check their @ replies.

    1. Don't tell people what you're up to.

    2. It's probably best to avoid talking about economic recovery.

    3. Don't be too serious on a Friday.

    4. Don't be George Osborne.

    5. And avoid puns at all costs.

    6. Don't quote films.

    7. Don't try to talk about sport.

    8. Can't stress that one enough.

    9. Don't mention what you may or may not be doing with the taxpayer's money.

    10. Don't let people hit you where it hurts.

    11. Dye your hair.

    12. Don't act like you're something you're not.

    13. Not being the leader of the BNP will probably help your cause.

    14. Accept that you will always have your critics.

    15. Realise that, if you're less popular than Joey Barton, Twitter is not the place for you.

    16. And never underestimate the British public's appetite for insults.