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18 Tiny "Game Of Thrones" Details You Might Have Missed First Time Round

Callbacks, foreshadowing, and wonderful coincidences. There's plenty waiting for you if you've never given it a second watch.

1. There were hints about what was to come from the very start. For instance, you probably never thought about Ghost's colour back in the pilot.

2. And the symbolism of this gruesome scene told us exactly what to expect in Season 1.

3. And later that season we thought Jaime was just being a dick:

4. Whether this one was intentional or a complete accident, it's no less jarring when you consider what Cersei went through in Season 5.

Karma can be a wonderful thing.

5. One episode after the Red Wedding, Bran told the story of the Rat Cook, and delivered this line:

OK, so we had to wait a few seasons, but thanks to his older sister, it turns out Bran was right.

6. Talking of that wedding, this map from before shit went down shows you that rather than being supported by the Freys and the Boltons, the Starks were actually surrounded.

7. In the Season 5 episode "Hardhome", Sam attempted to ease Olly's mind, saying:

8. More from Samwell "I love books" Tarly: This rather heavy-handed line in Season 5 suggested it was always going to end up this way.

9. Back in Season 2 we saw Quaithe give Jorah this prophecy. At the time she just seemed a bit weird tbh, but now...

10. And unless you'd read the books and were up on your fan theories, this throwaway line from Cersei in Season 1 probably meant nothing do you.

11. Though as the seasons went on we were given some much more obvious clues about Jon's identity.

12. Before Tyrion's trial, Jaime mentions that cousin-killing is the only type of family murder that doesn't have its own name...

13. Given that Olenna lost her entire family at the Sept of Baelor, she probably feels a little silly about this line from Season 6.

14. When creepy ol' Littlefinger said this, only the first of these three deaths had happened.

15. In Episode 2 of this season we saw that while Ned may not be Jon's biological father, the apple still doesn't fall far from the tree.

16. And if you compare the stone direwolves that guard Winterfell's crypts in Season 1 and Season 7, you can see the Boltons made some bold design choices during their stay.

17. Way back in Season 1, before he was all half dead and stuff, Benjen recounted his older brother's advice. Seems it was a favourite line of his.

18. And finally, this may be intentional – it may not – but either way, the symmetry of Sam repaying this debt to his old Lord Commander's son is incredibly touching.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive. Let us know if you've spotted anything else in the comments below!