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18 Tiny But Brilliant Inventions That've Made The World A Little Bit Better

Never again will you have to miss the movie when you need to take a piss.

1. The restaurant tables that have a space for your phone so you won't spill anything on it.

2. The picnic bench that has an overhang for wheelchair users.

3. The soap that has no middle to stop it getting so small that you can't hold on to it.

4. The silent alarm in this taxi to tell other drivers if there's trouble.

5. The hotel alarm clock that shows the time on three sides so you don't have to turn it.

6. This giant fridge used for testing out winter clothes before you buy them.

7. The cafe that tells you if the toilets are occupied before you stand up.

8. The urinal splash guard for protecting your shoes.

9. Or this one that has head rests for when you've had one drink too many.

10. The car park that has weird names and pictures for each floor to help you remember where you parked.

11. This bathroom that gives you a choice of soap, depending on whether you've eaten or not.

12. This swing that can accommodate a parent and their baby at the same time.

13. This highlighter that lets you actually see what you're highlighting.

14. This changing room mirror that replicates the light on a night out, in your office, and outside.

15. This toaster that has a "bit more" option for when it's not quite done.

16. These shopping trollies that come with magnifying glasses to help you read small print on labels.

17. This toilet roll that comes with a miniature travel toilet roll in the middle, instead of a cardboard tube.

18. And finally, the cinema that ensures you don't miss the movie if you have to go to the toilet halfway through.